How to join Cosmic? / Rules

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How to join Cosmic? / Rules

Post by Korzah on Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:34 pm

This is the question that your asking to get in our clan, Cosmic.

How to join Cosmic ?

If you would like to be a part of this clan, you should check your behave first. Behave, Attitude means a lot to Cosmic*. It becomes a Legacy. You should ask a question to yourself, which is "what can I do in Cosmic?" Cosmic* is a serious clan, However, our clan is a family, which means we're helping each other in all kind of situations.


- Be mature : No needs to try to impress us with your skills or whatever. Cosmic* is looking for mature,fun attitude.

- English : Having a good decent English is requested to join us. No needs to handle the perfect English, but you should talk on at least middle level.

- Be respectful: Be nice with others players, never rage in a server, respect your opponent.

-Skills: This is the basic. We don't require beasts or hardcore pros, but try your best.
- Talk, ask our Owners : Our Owners will reject you if you requested to join Cosmic*, if you don't even have them at his friends list and if you don't even talk with him. However, he will talk to our Council and General about the applicant, and will create a poll.

-Don't beg to join : Asking like 5 times in a server/chat Owners or Cosmic* member will just erase your chance to join us.

- Clan hopper : If you just need a clan, Cosmic is not yours for sure. We don't need disrespectful and unloyal members who will stay in the clan for 1 week, then leave for another clan. If you wish to join us, you just need to be Nice, Polite and Respectful with Cosmers and others players.

- Be active: Play with clan members, talk to them, play on clan wars and help. Be active.


- Add Owners: Add them, talk with them, play with them, show them that you're really interrested to join Cosmic*.

- Add Cosmic members
: Add them, talk with them, play with them, be respectful to them.

- Play with us : Ask to Cosmers members, where they're actually are, and if you can play with them. However, don't annoy anyone by asking each few seconds. If no one of them reply to you, it means that they are busy or in a clan war. Your chance will be more high if you play in the same team as them, and not the opposite. Cosmic* is looking for teamwork and we want to see if you can handle our teamwork.

- Ask to join : If you think that you have all the qualities and if you know all Cosmers, feel free to ask our members. However, never forget this, Never ask in a game.

- Apply in our forum, and in our clan thread : Being honest in your own application is strongly recommended. If we'll see that you are lying, your chance to join us will be erased.

-Wait your poll : Polls are very important to us. We need to talk, and to be honest about what we think about the applicant. If you'll see that the poll is taking to much time, it means that one of our members is busy, or inactive. However, Owners and Councils members will take a final decision about the applicant. Never ask to Cosmers how the poll is going because they won't answer you, and your chance to join us will decrease very fast.

!Rules in game
Cosmers are those who bring the game to new level. We are strong in everything. We never camp and never fear of opponent, BUT, we never underestimate opponent skills, never insult or rage.
We do our best and play sensible, each mistake make us learn more and improve, BUT, it always happens that you loose, so we never rage quit or use any nub weapon. We play fairly.
And game will always be just a game. So don't take it too seriously, and you will enjoy it.

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